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Current Comics and Sites That Epitomize Hip To Us:

Check out Xerexes' revamped Comix/Pedia multi-comic listing! It's all, like, definitive. And stuff.
Keenspot is, of course, the granddaddy of all webcomics digest services, and still features the best in the biz...Superosity, Hound's Home, Sinfest, CRFH, Faans, and too many others to mention. Try Quickkeen for a good romp thorough the daily strips -- it's as important to my mornings as coffee!
Modern Tales is a great anthology subscription service with some of the best pros in webcomics contributing...
Check out Leah Fitzgerald's student project on on-line comics for some interesting info and interviews about the online comics scene...

Let me save some time and space by just propping ALTBRAND! Boxjam's Doodle, Life In Four Panels, Chopping Block, Gluemeat, Greystone Inn, Soap on a Rope, and MORE! An Online Comics Search Engine And Directory - Browse several genres of online comics including Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Super Hero, and Suspense. Need I say more...other than the fact that they've also named us a GOOD READ? There's no accounting for taste!

Phil Cho does beeeeautiful stuff with a thinnish panda and an amazing supporting cast.

> Quirky, original, beautiful. Lanty makes it worth the wait.
Todd and Penguin
The most charming thing I've seen in months. Except for my girlfriend Mel and the lovely Fran Duncan, that is.

Odd Jobs
The great American noir novel revisited with terrific art. A must for fans of Stray Bullets and its ilk.

If you're a frustrated comics creator (and who isn't?), they got some GREAT forums over at Digital Webbing.

Live it up with some Man-Man Fan Art!

From the brilliant mind of Robb Tanner...

Take a look at the Man-Art stylings of CHRIS ALLEN!

Say helloooo to...Mike Ramsey!

Pretty slick, eh?

From Melanie Rada of Lennoxville, QC...

All Hail Spartacus!

Yeah, I know the file size is huge, but it's worth it, eh?? Vinnie Noodle Doodle beckons, pilgrim! Heed its call!

The good chaps at Destination Unknown now grace our page with their rendition of the man (-man) himself...

Little Billy Duncan of Lennoxville, Quebec sent us HIS take on Man-Man!

Francine Duncan didn't really have to "send" us anything, as she lives with the artist. Heck, she's married to the artist.

And Shep takes some time away from his "God Is My Roommate" chores to pen his own ugly version of the Man-Man of the Hour.

Celebrity fan art: Chicago 2001

"Howdy fans and friends... the summer of 2001 will be forever marked by the Duncan family trip to the 'Windy City', as well as one of the the greatest WizardCons ever. Much fun was to be had... celebrities to be met, but more important than my autographed Lou Ferrigno photo, was the opportunity to see how some of the comic book industry's greats would handle the artistic onslaught of the Man-Man drawing challenge!
Some will remain classics, while others will prove that any schmoe can draw a lunatic in a fake head-helmet.
So sit right back and enjoy the fruits of my trip... cause there's nothing like trip fruits... I mean professional art."
- James
Matt Wagner is akin to a god for both Matt and James...Matt fondly remembers the original (and the new) MAGE series from waaaay back when, and James is a slavering Grendel fan.
Art Baltazar is known around the Man-Man studios as the man behind Patrick The Wolf Boy, the most charming darn lycanthrope this side of Lon Chaney.
Jim Mahfood is known in some circles as the King of Independent Comics. His style, controlled chaos with a smattering of genius, is winning him more fans by the day.
Ande Parks redefines cool, and is notorious for his work on Clerks and Green Arrow.
Todd Nauch, as James says, "has had an excellent lengthy run on Young Justice... bringing faith back to the fan's that an artist won't abandon them."

CANADIAN webcomic links:

And check out Canadoodle, a cool new (I think) site. It's Geocities, so get ready to click that goddamn popup in the top right corner...