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Memories of Man-Man

I am getting SUCH a kick out of these. Chris "Superosity" Crosby sent us a late entry, which we may be sticking up...uh...Saturday? Sunday? I dunno.



We're rocketing out of Keen Orbit and touching down on Planet Xerexes sometime this weekend -- I just sent the new DNS info off to our registrar to be updated, and according to JR Conlin it should take two or three days to "kick in." WWW.MAN-MAN.ORG will send people to the new address after that, and will lead people here.

This would be a good time to UPDATE YOUR FAVOURITES so that you're no longer heading to, but rather

Many, many thanks to webmaestro JR Conlin and space provider Xavier Xerexes, and SUPER thanks to KEENSPACE for being there for all up-and-coming cartoonists for THREE YEARS NOW. It's been a bumpy ride from time to time, but it's a hell of a community and a great service to the world in general.


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